9 Dec

1 portion – Double or triple to serve more people


1-1/2 Tbl Olive Oil
1/4 tsp Salt
1/8 tsp Pepper
1/2 cup Sliced Onions (1/2 small or 1/4 large)
1/3 cup Sliced Carrots (1 carrot)
1/2 cup Sliced Broccoli florets (8-10 bite-sized)
1/4 cup Sliced Red Bell Pepper (1/4 whole)
1/4 cup Sliced Zucchini (1/4 whole)
1/4 Sliced Mushrooms (2 each, large)
1-2 Cloved garlic, minced
2 oz White Wine (Pinot Gris or Chablis)
8 oz Cooked Pasta (2 oz dried)
2 Tbl Parmesan


  1. Layer ingredients in pan starting a top of recipe so onions, salt & pepper are on the bottom and zucchini on top.
  2. Put on high heat, swirling pan but not flipping until onions have caramelized.  Once onions have picked up brown color, then you can flip and move vegetables around to brown them.
  3. Add mushroom and garlic to pan, flipping and turning for 30 seconds/1 minute to cook garlic, then add splash of white wine.
  4. Cook wine 1 minute, then add cooked pasta and cheese.  When you tilt pan, 1 Tbl of liquid should puddle – if not, add some hot water.  If too much puddles, keep it on heat to tighten sauce to it coats pasta instead of pooling at bottom of pan.

Really, all you’re doing is browning the vegetables, adding some garlic and white wine, then tossing with pasta.  The rest of the instructions are so you can do it like we do in the restaurant.